Three Delicious Fast And Easy to Prepare Japanese Recipes

There are many kinds of Japanese dishes that my family loves eating. My family loves Japanese food especially my wife because they are known to be low in fat. These are just some delicious Japanese dishes that we enjoy preparing and eating. These recipes can easily be prepared even if you are in a tight schedule. These recipes are low in fat and are very nutritious. Please try and enjoy these tasty meal.

Chawanmushi is a Japanese egg-custard dish and is usually eaten as an appetizer. My wife and kids love chawanmushi served with rice.

Recipe for Chawanmushi (for two)


– Four eggs

– Four pickled plum

– Four shrimps

– dashi (miso, flavoring broth or bullion)

– Four mushrooms

– A pinch of salt

– A little amount of soy sauce


– Prepare shrimp

– Slice the mushroom

– Add everything inside a bowl

– Add the egg last

– Put the cup into a steam cooker for 10 to 12 minutes.

Best served with white rice.

Another delicious Japanese dish that is very easy to prepare is Cheese Potato. You too can make this delicious Japanese dish in less than six minutes with this simple recipe.

Recipe for Japanese Cheese Potato (for two)


– Two medium size potatoes

– One slice of ham to small strips

– Two tablespoons of corn

– Salt and pepper to taste

– One tablespoon of mayonnaise

– Grated cheese

– Catsup


– Peel the potatoes

– Put the potatoes on a small plate and cover it with “Saran Wrap” (transparent plastic food wrap) and heat in microwave for four to five minutes.

– Crush the top of the potatoes a bit but do not over do it.

– Gently apply mayonnaise on top of the potatoes

– Evenly add the strips of ham on top of the potatoes.

– Evenly add the corn on top of the ham.

– Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste

– Sprinkle some grated cheese on top and add a dot of catsup in the middle.

Garlic Rice Ball. This is another popular Japanese rice dish that is easy to prepare. This delicious rice dish can be prepared in just under a few minutes.

Garlic Rice Balls (for two)


– Cooked white rice

– Small amount of soy sauce

– Small amount of butter

– Small amount of garlic

– Small amount of basil

– Small amount of black pepper

– Small amount of mayonnaise


– First make two rice balls about 3 centimeters in diameter.

– Heat a frying pan and add a small amount of butter.

– Flatten the rice ball a bit by compressing it with your hands and fry both sides until it turns brown in color.

– When the rice ball turns brown in color, gently apply soy sauce using a cooking brush.

– Remove rice balls from the frying pan and transfer it to a plate.

– Apply mayonnaise just like a chess board on the rice balls.

– Sprinkle a small amount of black pepper.

– Sprinkle some basil on top of the rice ball and you are done.

The Food Of The Japanese

Japanese recipes almost always contain rice because rice is the staple food of Japan. Rice is used not only in food, but also in drinks. Sake, which is made from rice, is an alcoholic drink that is consumed often in Japan. Since many years ago, short-grain rice is the only kind of rice that is common in Japan. Japanese recipes have been heavily influenced by other nations. China is a source of many of the customs and traditions of Japan, such as chopsticks and soy sauce.

The major religion of Japan is Buddhism and it has a large influence on their cuisine. Buddhist practices made the Japanese shun having meat in their food at one time. Because of this, sushi is very popular in Japan. Sushi is fish with rice. Something else that has influence Japanese recipes is the division of foods into categories of color and taste. Some examples of the food categories by taste are sweet, salty, and sour, delicate and bitter. When they are categorized by color, they are black-purple, red, green, white and yellow.

The Japanese have begun to use meat in their meals again, beginning in 1868. The Japanese have also incorporated Western food, like ice cream and coffee into their foods that they eat. They have also been influenced by different appliances, soups, and mixes from the United States.

Rice is a huge food staple in many Asian cultures and Japan is no different. They eat rice in practically every meal. Sometimes they steam the rise, and other times they might boil it. Ramen noodles, which are common in the instant form in the United States, are also eaten by the Japanese. Japanese recipes also contain parts of bamboo, seaweed, and ginger. The Japanese also eat special pickles with are called tsukemono. It is common for them to eat these pickles very often during the day.

Because Japan is an island surrounded by water, the Japanese also incorporate a lot of seafood in their diets, such as sashimi, which is seafood drenched in soy sauce. Another common Japanese custom is to use ingredients in their food that have not been frozen. Hence, they tend to eat vegetables and grains that are in season, which they can eat right away. The Japanese are also very well known for making food look pleasing to the eye.

The Japanese are also well known for making cuisine in which they mix together a bunch of different ingredients in a single dish. One example of this is sukiyaki, which contains beef, tofu, and a variety of vegetables. They also eat beef which they mix with vegetables into a broth. This makes a dish that the Japanese call shabu-shabu.

Not all of Japan eats food that is unusual in the United States. In Hokkaido Japan, they eat meat that has been barbequed as well as corn in potatoes, which is very much similar to the meals of the United States. The Japanese are known for eating extremely healthy foods, so they are a very healthy population of people. Japanese recipes make for delicious, healthy foods.

Delicious Japanese Oden Recipe That Will Keep You Warm In Winter

There is a vast variety of dishes that Japanese cuisine offers. There are also many regional specialties. Having lived in Japan for many years taught me which dishes are best for summer and which are best for winter. I remember the apartment that I rented when I first came to Japan. It was just below the mountain and just beside a stream. The view was awesome but it was terribly cold in winter. The apartment lacked proper insulation unlike the apartments that we got at home. To help me survive the cold winter nights, I had to dress up like an Santa Clause and eat lots of oden.

So what is oden? Oden is a popular Japanese pot dish in which is simmered slowly in dashi (flavoring) or in a sauce based in soy sauce. It is usually prepared in a big ceramic pot called “donabe” or a big aluminum pot called “onabe”. Oden ranks high and is a favorite of many Japanese families. There are many numbers of oden recipes and here is one.

Looking for the right ingredients is not easy if you do not have access to a Japanese grocery or store nearby. I was able to find some ingredients being sold online. Most of the ingredients are difficult to make from scratch and can be time consuming to prepare so I just buy them at a nearby Japanese grocery or buy them online.

Oden Recipe (for four)


– One big radish

– Three carrots

– Three medium size potatoes

– Five boiled eggs (peeled or egg shell removed)

– Two blocks of “konyaku”

– Five fish cake blocks or “chikuwa”

– Three block of soft tofu

– Five slices of “atsuage” (deep fried tofu)

– Your choice of dashi flavoring (flavor broths) or soy sauce

– Three tablespoons of Japanese rice wine or “sake”

-Two tablespoons of sugar or “mirin”


– Peel the radish and slice it into thick rounds

– Peel potatoes and cut in half

– Peel and cut carrots into big pieces

– In a big pot, add all the ingredients listed above.

– Add fish cake and atsuage inside the pot.

– Add the dashi or flavoring, Japanese rice wine and sugar

– Add the eggs and the soft tofu

– Bring the pot to boil and add a bit of water and “dashi” when the level of the soup goes down.

– Reduce heat and its done

I hope this delicious oden recipe will keep you warm in winter somehow.